Anthony Bear

life is about making magic moments


While working towards his Masters degree in Applied Mathematics and Statistics at Ohio University, Anthony started a little band on the side. After receiving his degree with honors, Anthony set his sights to a music career on the west coast. In the background between gigs, he filled his insatiable need for science by developing sites with PHP, MySql, HTML, CSS and JS. While touring, Anthony also worked as a freelance print and web-based graphic designer.

After his first daughter was born and constant touring away from the family became far less appealing, Anthony opened his own business as a freelance web developer and graphic artist. He had become somewhat of an expert in WordPress and PHP and decided to turn his one man freelance occupation into a firm. So, Anthony formed Humanity Media in 2009. Over the years, he has developed brands from New York to Hawaii establishing a solid client base through word of mouth. Recently he has also been working as a business culture consultant at SLAP company with such clients as Fannie Mae, IHOP, Li & Fung, Raytheon|Websense, Oracle, ForgeRock and Hilton. Working and mentoring under New York Times Bestselling author Stan Slap, Anthony has establish himself as creative director, data analyst and lead strategist for the consulting firm.

In 2015, Anthony Bear also launched a brand of his own called Bear Blend, a 100% organic herbal smoking blend. Herbs have been a passion and a hobby of his for years after he met and studied with several herbalists in Ohio while going to graduate school. The company has been growing rapidly from a hobby business to a nationally recognized brand with global distribution.




Actions speak louder than plans

Actions speak louder than plans

When I was 20 years old, after graduating summa cum laude from the University of Oregon and getting headhunted by investment banking firms, I decided that what I really wanted to do more than anything was start an organic farm. I was an idealist. So, I found this...


The Spider and the Liquid Mirror

The Spider and the Liquid Mirror

The surface of the water is a very curious and unique place.  From the sky, the water shimmers blue and green and bounces rays of light in a million directions.  From the land, the waves in the ocean turn creamy white with trillions of tiny bubbles and crash onto the...

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