If I could learn to fly
Would I be the one who realizes?
If I could start again
Would I still be your friend?
If I could be free
Would I fulfill all my dreams?
If I could run away
Would I miss my old ways?

All the puzzle pieces are right here in my hands
My higher purpose is trying to hunt me down
This mirage of senses is something I don’t understand
Choirs of voices are conducting the invisible plan

And its calling me out
Knocking on my door
She’s is calling me out
Come play with me once more

If I could be with her
Would I play out the same old story?
If I could have it all
Would I waste it all away again?
If I could win the prize
Would I be the one who recognizes it?
If I could be loved
Would I truly receive it?

And all the puzzle pieces are mixed up in my hands
All natures powers are pulling me all directions
My emotions are are frying circuits in my brain
I want to understand why
Need to understand why
Will never understand why why why why

And its calling me out
Even if I don’t know what to say
Oh yes she’s calling me out
Time to go outside and play ….

IF I could learn to fly
Oh I want to be the one who realizes.