Six months ago, I would not have believed that any of this was possible.  The girl, the car, the house, the money, the lights, the people.  Six months ago, I was sitting in a tiny one bedroom apartment twiddling my fingers and writing a song on my guitar, but now, I am playing shows for thousands of people and flying around in fancy jets with celebrities.  I am a celebrity.  Six Months to transform the world.  

“Are you sure that this is gonna work,” Bear said, looking up from the sheet where he was scribbling these words.

“Just do it and don’t ask question,” Wolfe said. Glancing over Bear’s shoulder for a second and noticing the ambiguity, he added, “And try to be a little more specific.  I mean seriously, girl, car, house, money?  Could you be any more ordinary?”

Bear looked back at the sheet that he had been writing on and crumpled it up.  “This is so fucking stupid,” he said.

“Come on,” Wolfe reassured him, “just visualize it and have fun with it.  Describe all the details of it.  Don’t hold anything back.”

Bear closed his eyes and breathed deeply.  He was feeling that yes sensation swell up in him again and he reached further down inside of it to access where it was all coming from.  He visualized his heart like a giant well of golden water and he lowered a bucket down into it.  He thought for a moment, that he did not care what kind of liquid he was going to get, he would simply drink it and let it flow.  He opened his eyes and began to write.

I opened my eyes and stood on the edge of a beautiful misty field surrounded by giant whispering oak trees and tall spiring pines.  I help out my arms as if I was conducting a grand symphony and the mist played gently along with my senses.  As I stood there breathing, I held inside of me a feeling of magic and wholeness.  There was so much to be grateful for.  

The past six months were filled with so much joy and wonder, so much adventure and abundance.  I had been able to travel to many places in the world, and not just as a tourist but as an entrepreneur giving many people an opportunity to build businesses and make money.  I had also traveled as an artist performing for many different crowds ranging from influential celebrities in LA to tech tycoons in Silicon Valley to magical indigenous tribes in Peru.  Finally after so many years of working and believing, my talents were starting to be recognized and celebrated by many and my work was being shared and received worldwide.  

As I stood out here in this magical field, I looked forward to the future knowing that I stood on the precipice of a revolution of consciousness.  Magic was being embraced by the main stream.  It was becoming real again.  The healing power of love and connection pierced through every cell in my body, and finally I was being invited onto the center stage to share this energy with the world.  My gratitude came from the knowledge that many people would be inspired and awakened by this feeling.  I finally was being given the chance to share something that I always felt and knew I could.


Bear stood up, feeling complete, and handed the paper to Wolfe.  Wolfe studied the document carefully reading each word as if they were a prophecy.   He looked for a moment as if he was able to conjure these words into life simply by reading them.  Bear waited nervously for the response.

“Ok,” said Wolfe after a long pause. “But it need more specifics.  I like that you created this field and you were having this mystical moment with the trees and the mist.  I like that you mentioned Peru and LA and Silicon Valley.  But the rest of it is a bit vague.   I mean, I understand the feeling of magic, the knowing that change is afoot and the acknowledgement of the dawning of a new era for you, but what the heck is going on here?  What businesses are you spreading?  Do you have a band or people traveling with you, or are you just alone in your endeavors?  How much money have you made for others?  Keep trying to be more and more specific.  You are painting your future.  You have total control.”

Bear took a deep breath and nodded.  He would have to spend some time taking it all in.  When he was a boy, he and his brother used to play a game where there was a genie in a bottle with one wish.

“What would you wish for?” his brother would ask.  He would always wish for something big like a giant mansion with a water slide going into a swimming pool in the back yard.  One time his brother asked for a million more wishes in an attempt to outsmart the genie, but after some confusion they both decided that it was cheating.

But now that he was a sort of grown ass dude, what would he wish for?  It’s not as easy as you think.  If you were given only one wish that you had to fit on one 4×6 flashcard, what would you wish for?

He was going to have to keep trying to get this one right.  This was a tough one.