This was not an easy life choice. Nine years ago I was living in a tipi in Ohio without electricity or running water. I lived through the winter in that beautiful and peaceful space far removed from any town with flashing lights and industry. One morning, I woke up and went outside into the snow naked like a wild animal, peeing on a tree, when I looked up and I realized this deer was staring at me. It was like the deer wanted to say something to me, but I just looked back puzzled. Then, after staring me down for some time, it finally walked away very peacefully into the oak trees as if finally giving up on me. Later that day as I was meditating, I could not get that beautiful deer’s eyes out of my mind. I kept seeing her looking at me so deeply, through my soul, and me looking back stupidly as if I has spent years in her country but still did not know her language. Then it dawned on me. The deer was trying to say something to me.

I meditated on that one for several weeks before I finally got it. One morning, it happened again that I went outside naked to pee in the snow and I realized that my time had come. There was a deeper longing in me that would never be satisfied if I simply lived in a tipi in the middle of nowhere without expressing my findings with the world. From the city to a wild organic farm I had ventured, and now it was time to share my findings with the world. That was 2001 when I first starting playing music in the small town of Athens, Ohio. Since then I have dedicated my life to sharing the messages and wisdom of nature through music. That is why I say these songs are not my own. They are truly written by the bears and the deer and the turtles. My name was given to me by my mother long before I had found this pursuit in me. So after 4 years of expressing myself in a small town Athens – I went to the big city of San Francisco and took on my name – Singing Bear. Since 2005, the inception of this myspace page, I have been “Singing Bear”.

Last week I got to hang out with Jason Mraz, an amazing musician and beautiful person. He really honored me and my music. But it was something that he said to me that inspired me the most. He said, “What does it truly mean to be a success? When I packed up my car 10 years ago and decided t enter fully into music, from then on I was a success.” Well he is certainly doing fucking amazing right now. But he’s right! For the past year and a half I have decided to do nothing but music, and now it has already grown so much in such a short time, that I already feel successful. I wrote this song yesterday to remind me to jump right in, don’t hold back, live your story, and you will be successful!

Thanks Jason! Thanks also to Eric Saperston the creator of the movie “The Journey” a definite must see! What inspiration! This song is a reminder for you and all of us – thank you!