Looking in my Sonicbids inbox I found a new submission from Singing Bear. I get all kinds of submissions and I like to encourage people to listen to greater diversity in music. So, I clicked on the link, expecting to find music videos by Little Bear or something like that. Little Bear was a favorite cartoon of my daughters when they were young and I imagined someone taking that sort of spirit into folk music, the sort of performers we love to listen to at the family stage at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival.
Well, Singing Bear doesn’t get his name as part of a cute marketing idea. Singing Bear, part Native American, was named Anthony Singing Bear by his mother. He doesn’t sing the sort of songs that you would expect to find on Nick Jr. However, he brings a special spirit to his music that we need more of, both in the music scene as well as in the children’s television scene.

All of the music on his electronic press kit was enjoyable and a pleasant addition to my eclectic mix of music. Many of the lyrics were laden with important messages, but nothing jumped out at me so I thought it might be hard to write a good review of his music.
Then I checked his YouTube channel. He’s got fifteen videos up, more than many performers I review. What is more fun is that besides the standard poorly framed videos of performances at one venue or another, or even well shot videos from recording studios, he has people’s music videos. Supported has wonderful images of rock formations, sunsets, campfires, and road trips.

About The Mountain he writes:

This was recorded, both music and film, and edited in one day out in Bodega Bay. This is where I live, and the beautiful Goddess in the film is the one and only Chocolate Face, my adored Wife and Mother of little Baby Bear (coming soon . . . ) We are so blessed in this life and always reaching towards each other always coming a little bit closer to knowing who we are.

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