When Bear was a child, he used to love to go to the fountain at the center of town in the mornings.  The mist would cling to the old cobblestone walkway as he stepped gently along, careful not to disturb the comforting and rare morning silence.  It was never easy to quiet the mind amidst the bustling city noises that assaulted him all day long.  The fountain and the cathedral in the morning was the only place for him to truly relax and breathe.  On this particular morning in December, as he sat there engaged in his normal morning meditation, the most amazing thing happened.  From time to time, his mentor and teacher Spirit Wolf would mention an experience that he called The Fever.

“Sometimes when you are sitting there just breathing and relaxing your mind, you will experience a sensation like a million tingles on every part of your body.  That feeling I call the Yes sensation because it’s like a universal affirmation that whatever you are feeling is aligned with the Great Spirit.  As you feel the Yes and relax more deeply into it the sensation will grow into a Fever.  At first, the Fever will feel like a pleasant fire burning through every cell in your body.  In fact, men have been know to catch fire from the inside while in this state of consciousness because they resist the sensation.  If you fight the Fever, it will burn you.  You cannot fight it.  The Fever is actually transforming your physical body into a kind of liquid light that is weightless.  When the Fever strikes, the only way to receive it is to relax and soften your body and breathe. Once you relax and experience the sensations, you will be given a gift by the father.  Everyone’s gift is different.  It may come in the form of a vision or an epiphany or a dream.  It may come in the form of a healing or a word or a song.  If you listen and allow it, you will be given a gift.”

That morning, Bear encountered the Fever.  At once, as he relaxed his shoulders and sat up tall feeling the tug of spirit on his spine, he first felt the Yes sensation.  He was very familiar with that feeling.  Wolf had taught him to use the Yes feeling to guide him through his decisions throughout the day.  Often when confronted with a choice, Bear had learned to take a moment and close his eyes and feel the choices in his hands.  If he really listened closely and carefully, he found that one hand would feel lighter and more tingly.  That was how he know which one was the right choice.

But this particular morning, as Bear was breathing and feeling the Yes sensation flood his body with good feelings, he felt a peculiar sort of stillness in his mind.  It was like, all thought and time stood still for a moment and all he was able to do was observe the feeling of the Yes.  In fact, the Yes became stronger that everything, even the beating of his heart.  Then, suddenly there was a sensation like an explosion inside of his chest.  At first he was afraid for a moment that he might be having a heart attack or dying or something.  “Maybe this Yes is just too strong,” he thought.  But then he remembered the teaching.  “Breathe and Relax”  So he just took in one deep breathe and in one exhale released all of those doubts and fears.  As he was exhaling, the Fever took hold.

Bear will never know how long the Fever lasted.  What happened in that time will alway be a mystery.  There was a red glow that emanated from his chest and as it rose up into his throat and into his eyes he breathed and then …

He was falling, gently as if he was made of feathers.  He floated downward and downward into some sort of a tunnel and with each exhale he approached a dull yellow light at the end of the tunnel.  Suddenly, he arrived at the end and he was sitting at a table.  Men dressed in rags gathered around him.  He spoke and his voice sounded strong and wise.  This is what he said to them …

“You have the power of creation within you.  It is within your body.  You will be able to create all that you desire by simply closing your eyes and visualizing it.  John,” he addressed one man directly, “what would you like to create right now?”

John looked at him and said, “I would like to create a device like one that the star people had.”

Bear closed his eyes saw these sort of animals dressed in interesting clothing walking out of a small doorway.  The doorway seemed to appear from nowhere.  As they walked through the doorway, one of the creatures that most closely resembled a bear with wings of an eagle carried a small device.  The creature pointed the device towards the doorway and it disappeared.   Then they was a voice that sounded like Morgan Freeman.

“All you have to do is visualize it and it will be so.”

Bear then opened his eyes and held the small device in his hands.  The men at the table were astonished and started proclaiming that it was a miracle.  Bear repeated the words to them, “All you have to do is visualize it and it will be so.”

Suddenly, Bear opened his eyes and again and squinted to the sun peaking over the cathedral towers.  He took in a deep breath and felt the Yes sensation again.

Thinking back weeks later about that moment, Bear realized that this experience was in fact more of a memory than a dream.  Perhaps, at one time in his many past lives, he was that man sitting before John and the others and creating his reality.   And now, many years later, he would finally be able to inherit the truth.