There’s nothing like the smell of the ocean air sitting on the porch on Navy Rd with my guitar singing to the wind and the paddle boarders floating by. They wave eagerly because they think that I must be a big name musician to be sitting there writing songs with a view like that. Its all about perception. We can always look bigger than we really are.

It was really easy to look big when I was being broadcast on a the megatronic stage-side screen in front of thousands of cheering music lovers. They didn’t know me before that, but once they saw me on that screen, they believed. But even after all these years and hundreds of performances, truth be told, I still feel like the same lonely kid hitchhiking through Europe with a guitar on my back. Everyone always welcomes me with open arms, so it feels like I belong to everyone and but really I belong to no one. I am like a famous hermit. I am most comfortable either surrounded by large groups of wide eyes and open hearts or meditating alone on a stone in the redwoods. Those are my two jams.

We live in a time of giant movements of energy, artists with viral videos, people making huge money and then loosing everything in a heartbeat. But I still remember what it feels like to live in a Tipi on a dirt floor. I still remember what it feels like to lay out in the psychedelic grass and stare at the dancing stars. I can hear the voice of my own heart, thanks to all my wisdom teachers and spirit mentors. And while I enjoy my moments of blissful solitude, I crave the big stage and the lights and the tears and the laughter and the music. I want to hear my voice amplified to thousands. I want to hear the delicate strumming of the guitar elevated to all your ears so that you feel it echo in your soul. I want to connect with you all and have the best night of all of our lives. So, right now, I am just starting to perform again after a long break. And, although in my past I have performed with bands and crews, I am gearing up to hit the road this time as a solo artist. This time I will be relying on the orchestra of angels to be my backup band. And I just want everyone to know, that I am more on fire than I ever have been.

Oh and call me right away, because I am ready to come to your town and share that moment with you now. And this too shall pass.